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Update on Bennington's "Downtown as a Destination" project


Members of the "Downtown as a Destination” task force have been meeting since it's formation through the VCRD Community Visit process in 2012. John Shannahan, chair of the committee, reports some progress being made:

For those who have been unable to meet with us lately, we are moving forward with the “First Friday” events that will start in the spring. First Friday will be similar to those in many towns. The dates have been set for May 3rd, June 7, July 5, Aug 2. Gallery walks, outdoor movies, performers, and shops open late will be the attraction from 5-8pm. Oldcastle will be having a performance on each of those nights also. Coincidentally, on the first night, a few hundred participants of the Tour of the Dragons Bike race will also be downtown for registration and the First Baptist Church will be the location for the Contra Dancers so it appears we will have lots of people downtown to celebrate Bennington’s First Friday.

I hope you can join us as we move forward in planning this event as well as continuing our discussions regarding our long term project, the Park System, throughout downtown.

-John Shannahan