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Agenda for “Creating Prosperity & Opportunity Confronting Climate Change” Summit

8:00 Registration, Coffee and Muffins
9:00 Welcome, Talk by Governor Shumlin, Conference Opening Plenary Governor Peter Shumlin
9:20 Climate Science Fishbowl:
“How will Regional & Global Climate Change Affect Vermont’s Future?”
10:20 Break

Climate Economy Work Session I: Policy Panels
“What is the economic opportunity for development in each area that can be a foundation for a prosperous and sustainable future of the state?”

  •  Panelists will have 8 minutes each to introduce themselves and their work and share their perspective on the topic.
  • Then, at the 45 minute mark, the Moderator will facilitate a conversation to include all attendees for them to share their perspectives on what they have heard and what is happening in this issue area.

A. Marketing Vermont as the Innovative Climate Economy

B. DestinationAdvancing Community-Based Climate Action

C. Promoting A Vision for Transportation Renewal

D. Innovating for Renewal, Recycling and Resource Limits

E. Developing Ubiquitous Distributed Energy

F. Improving Education, Workforce Development and Youth Entrepreneurship

G. Strengthening Farm & Forest Carbon Sequestration and Profitability

H. Seeding a Vermont Climate Investment Strategy

I. Spurring Research and Development for New Technologies in Vermont

J. Supporting Smart Growth, Reuse, Preservation, & Downtown Redevelopment

K. Coordinating State Governmental Policies & Regulations

L. Advancing Next Stage in Efficiency & Conservation

M. Adapting Outdoor Recreation & Tourism

12:00 Lunch
1:00 Business Leadership Panel:
“As you look to the future, how will your business respond to Climate Change? What does Vermont need to do to support businesses in the sector?”

Climate Economy Work Session II: Ideas for Action
“What practical actions, business ideas or policy directions make most sense for us to advance today?”

  • Each of the Working Groups will brainstorm a list of practical actions that could be taken, business ideas that could be promoted, or leveraging policies that could be implemented to advance Vermont’s climate change economy.  1 hour
  • Working Group participants will then review and prioritize ideas and prepare to share the three most impactful ideas with the full plenary.
3:15 Break
3:30 Reconvene as Plenary Session
Work Group Conclusions: Moderators report out three key ideas from their session
4:00 Next Action: The Vermont Climate Change Economy Council
4:10 VCRD 2015 Community Leadership Award
4:20 Climate and the Innovation Economy
5:00 Adjourn