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Paul Costello Op-Ed: 2018 Legislative Success

In a time when the political climate in Washington lends itself to chaos and uncertainty that undermines environmental and economic efforts, it is more important now than ever that Vermont takes the lead on these issues and strengthens our commitment to our ambitious and necessary energy and emission goals toward a low-carbon economy. While the 2018 legislative session did not bring about the transformative change necessary to fully meet this global challenge, there is much to celebrate and to thank the Governor and Legislators for.

Proctor's Future Report and Action Plan - May 2018

Through the Proctor's Future process, community members came together to identify and prioritize goals, foster local leadership, connect to resources and develop and realize achievable action plans. Through 2 public meetings, community members chose three community priorities for action, and signed up for task force groups to move them forward. The new task force groups will work to:

  • Market Proctor as a Place to Live, Work and do Business
  • Build Community: Events, Communication, and Engagement
  • Redevelop Historic Buildings.

Read the Proctor's Future Report and Action Plan, and visit for stories and news about our work with Proctor.


Randolph Region Re-Energized (R3) next meeting June 11 - VTC President Patricia Moulton to serve as initiative chairperson

RANDOLPH - The Randolph Region Re-Energized (R3) initiative will convene on June 11 as four task forces focused on community priorities meet to develop action plans. Joining these conversations will be a resource team of issue-area experts from around Vermont who will provide technical advice and help to identify resources important for success. The task force meetings are happening on June 11 from 6:30 to 9:00 PM at the Chandler Center for the Arts. All in the Randolph region are invited to attend.

Pownal farms put out the welcome mat

By Cherise Madigan, as seen in the Bennington Banner:

POWNAL — Are you ready to discover Pownal?

With a slew of events planned for this summer — including farm tours and workshops, an Independence Day picnic, and a fall harvest festival — a Pownal initiative is working to make the town's farms and food producers more accessible than ever before.


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