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Rutland Creative Community Report - 2006

The Rutland Creative Community Report summarizes the public meetings and brainstorming sessions, and lists resources for the following priority projects chosen through the process: Advance Rutland as a Recreation Center; Build a Central Open Air Mall on Center Street; Rutland as an Arts and Culture Destination; “Sustainable Rutland” – A Model City. Since the program, Rutland has made tremendous progress on all the priorities and in 2012, the volunteers of the Rutland Creative Economy received our 2012 Community Leadership Award.

Revitalizing Downtown: Rutland (4:08)

Friday Night Live turned Center Street in Rutland into a pedestrian-way and broadened support for downtown revitalization. This video overviews the planning and thinking that led to its success in the community.


St. Albans Creative Community Report - 2006

The St. Albans Creative Community Report summarizes the public meetings and brainstorming sessions, and lists specific resources for the following priority projects chosen through the 2006 process: Bring Arts and Community Projects to Taylor Park; Organize Evening Events to Bring Activity Downtown after Dark; Build an Arts Center; and Promote the Digital Culture through a St. Albans Technology Service Provider.

Strategies for Community Creative Economy Projects - Leaders' Summit, 2006

On Friday, November 17th, 2006, the Creative Communities Program coordinated with Bellows Falls’ creative economy organizers Richard Ewald and Robert McBride to host a conference addressing “Strategies for Community Creative Economy Projects”. This conference targeted creative economy leaders from around Vermont who wanted to build greater statewide connections and form new ideas about next steps for projects. It brought an enthusiastic, capacity crowd to Boccelli’s on the Canal café shortly after the opening of their newly renovated auction hall space.

Read the Report Here.

Find Out More about the Creative Communities Program Here.

Vermont By Design - 2006

VT Council on Planning Final ReportBased on the inputs and on the knowledge and experience of Council members, the Vermont Rural Energy Council crafted a set of recommendations for actions that would advance rural energy generation, fuel development and efficiency in Vermont. These recommendations include:

  • Systematically Advancing a Vermont Renewable Energy Program
  • Expanding Net Metering
  • Adopting Clean Energy Policies
  • Constructing an All Fuels Efficiency Program
  • Improving Transportation Efficiency
  • Targeting Economic Development Assistance
  • Building a Green Investment Strategy
  • Adopting Time of Use Rates for Electricity
  • Beginning a Vermont Carbon Plan
  • Expanding Property Tax Incentives for Renewable Development


Read more about the Vermont Council on Planning here.

Download the full report here.


The Structure of Planning – 2004

On August 11, 2004, we held a Summit on Planning designed to evaluate the challenges before the planning system in Vermont and to propose potential solutions. This Summit report documents the analysis and recommendations of 180 attendees representing members of the public, leaders in the Douglas Administration, Vermont planners, and customers of the planning system. Participants built recommendations toward addressing these challenges in these categories:

  1. The Planning Structure in Statute
  2. Vermont Goals and Vision for the Planning System
  3. Not in My Backyard! Public Engagement and Commitment to Plans
  4. Municipal Planning
  5. Regional Planning
  6. State Cross Agency Planning
  7. State, Regional, and Municipal Development and Infrastructure Planning
  8. The Implementation of Plans

Their transcribed testimony, brainstormed solutions, and priority recommendations make up the bulk of this report and will serve as starting points for the deliberations of the Vermont Council on Planning. Read the Report (pdf).


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