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RAMP: Revitalizing All Marshfield and Plainfield to kick-off on April 30 with forums and a community meal

MARSHFIELD/PLAINFIELD - Vermont Council on Rural Development will launch the Climate Economy Model Communities Program in Marshfield and Plainfield with a Kick-Off on April 30. The program, named "Revitalizing All Marshfield and Plainfield: RAMP into the Future" by a local planning team, will begin with a series of forums and a free community dinner that afternoon and evening. This event will launch a process for residents to identify and advance priorities that improve economic opportunity and affordability and strengthen the community in the face of climate change.

This kick-off will mark the launch of our work in the Marshfield / Plainfield region (see flyer for detailed schedule). The event will feature four forums on different topics that were developed by a planning committee made up of local residents and a FREE community dinner at 5:45pm. The evening will also include a "Climate Action Pitch" session sharing ideas that could be deployed as part of this program. Help to select pitch topics by filling out this online survey HERE or fill out a paper version at the Cutler Memorial Library and the Jaquith Library. Survey Deadline is April 9.

A Visiting Team of agriculture, energy, business, transportation, and economic and community development leaders from around Vermont will be there to listen and learn about what is happening in the region and to provide some reflection about what they have heard. In subsequent months, the community will gather again to choose from a list of possible action ideas brainstormed by local residents, and then will form task forces to implement the chosen initiatives.

ALL members of the Marshfield / Plainfield region are invited to participate!
* CHILDCARE will be offered during forums and the pitch session. All are invited to the dinner!
* CARPOOLING is encouraged! Connect with riders and drivers for this event HERE.

For more information, visit or contact VCRD at 802-225-6393 or or visit the event Facebook page at:

"Revitalizing All Marshfield and Plainfield: RAMP into the future" is a community-driven process with local leaders, the Vermont Council on Rural Development (VCRD), and Efficiency Vermont to cultivate economic development, innovation and affordability in the face of climate change. The Climate Economy Model Communities Program is made possible thanks to financial support from VLITE and Jane's Trust Foundation.

VCRD is a non-profit organization supporting the locally-defined progress of Vermont’s rural communities. To learn more, visit us at