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Replacing Mobile Homes in Vermont: Saving Fuel, Saving Money

Many mobile home residents in Vermont are faced with a significant challenge; while their incomes are often low, their energy costs are high. Since 2013, Efficiency Vermont and the VT Housing and Conservation Board have teamed up on a Mobile Home Replacement Program to address this challenge and eliminate the energy, health, and maintenance burdens that mobile homes place on low-income Vermonters.

Online Learning, Global Programs, Farm Enhancements, and Nationwide Leadership: Innovation Thrives in Food Systems Education at Vermont’s Higher Ed Schools

This summer Vermont’s colleges and universities are buzzing with inventive and hands-on learning that drives global food system solutions. The seven members of the Vermont Higher Education Food Systems Consortium are continuing to expand their presence in the nationwide food systems movement, creating pacesetters to lead the charge in the way the nation sources, grows, processes, purchases, regulates, and contemplates food. Together, Vermont’s food systems educators, students, and entrepreneurs are making Vermont a national epicenter of food systems education.

Community Visit draws to a close; final meeting will set task forces

By Chris Mays, Brattleboro Reformer:

VERNON >> The Community Visit process is coming to a close in one sense. But community action is just beginning in another.

Task forces assigned to deal with priorities voted on by community members at a meeting last month will have a chance to talk with a resource team made up of officials from local, state, federal and non-profit organizations.


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