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Housing Workplan Development - 2001

The 2001 Governor's Rural Summit on Housing focused on developing plans to respond to a single area of critical and immediate policy concern. With leadership of Governor Howard Dean and his policy staff, the Summit invited participants to take a long view of the housing crisis facing rural Vermont and to partner in the development of practical action steps to answer this challenge. Summit participants analyzed how the current housing crisis impacted the work of their agencies or organizations then worked together to build concrete plans and came up with 28 action steps which are outlined in the report. Read the Report (pdf).


Water/Wastewater Infrastructure, Youth Issues, Downtown Development – 1999

On October 14, 1999, over 40 federal, state and other rural leaders met for VCRD's 4th annual rural development summit. The summit focussed on water and sewer issues, youth issues, and downtown develoment. Participants identified 16 action steps which are outlined in the report. Read the Report (pdf)


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