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What Maine can learn from Vermont about revitalizing rural communities

As seen in Revitalizing News:

Maine is the most rural state in the United States, but it doesn’t have an organization devoted solely to helping rural communities. There are various groups focused on particular aspects of rural development but not one to tie all the efforts together, even as rural parts of the state continue to struggle with population and job losses.

Brighton Community Visit Report - 2017

We completed our 3-month Community Visit process in Brighton. Read the Report and Action Plan. Community members identified 4 priority areas for future action: Advance a Brighton Recreation Program; Revitalize and Beautify the Downtown; Make Brighton an ATV Destination; and Support Business Growth and Economic Development. Visit for stories and news about our work with Brighton.


Community Profiles

UVM's Center for Rural Studies prepares Community Profiles for us to share with our Visiting Resourse Team members in advance of our Community Visit processes. These profiles, compiled from US Census Data and other data sources, include demographic and economic trends about a community and its residents in a number of indicator areas such as civics, population, demographics, income, poverty, economy, jobs and labor force, education, housing, and transportation.

VCRD Job Opening: Climate Economy Model Communities Program Director

The Vermont Council on Rural Development is seeking a “Climate Economy Model Communities Program Director” to help Vermont communities advance economic opportunities while reducing their local carbon footprint. The Director will develop and coordinate services in at least two Vermont communities annually through a structured process that engages all residents and builds partnerships for implementation, as well as assist in fund development to ensure program sustainability.


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